Anti-Ageing Prices

Consultation & Test Patch £0.00

Individual Treatment From £80.00

Anti-ageing / collagen enrichment - this would largely be on the face as the depth of penetration of light energy into skin tissue is shallow so it’s only effective where the skin is thin.  The controlled thermal trauma is caused due to the light output of the device creating a reaction known as ‘neo-collagenases’.  It is basically the process of causing existing collagen to contract and tricking the body into replacing it with more collagen.

This can be a single treatment with instant results.

Fine lines and Wrinkles are targeted.

For the best long term results we recommend treatments are carried out every two to three weeks and four treatments would give you an ultimate age reduction.

If you then wanted to keep on top of your results we would recommend you have our skin rejuvenation treatment once or twice a year.