Pigmentaton  Prices

Consultation and patch test £0.00
Treatments From £50.00
Full Face £80.00

Melanin related pigmentation - this would include freckles, age-spots, liver-spots, sun damage, melasma.  Melanin is the pigment that naturally occurs in skin, the substance that reacts to UV exposure and gives us a sun tan!  Unlike vascular melanin is always static so conditions anywhere on the body can be treated.

Pigmented skin such as age spots or freckles can be successfully lightened and removed safely by our practitioners. Our treatments are non-invasive, suitable for both the face and body and will result in a more even skin tone.

Fast, effective and safe, the most advanced equipment we use releases short pulses of filtered light that is readily absorbed by the high concentration of melanin found within freckles, sun spots or liver spots. The rapid absorption of light energy heats the melanin and causes the immediate breakdown of the melanin-rich cells.